Greek VS Italian – Similarities And Differences Of Two Mediterranean Languages

Greek and Italian are two languages spoken in Southern Europe in Mediterranean countries with ancient histories and world-famous cultures. Greece and Italy have a lot in common. They’re the two countries that laid the foundation for what we consider western civilization today and they have a historical bond dating back to antiquity. They’re the birthplaces … Read more

Is Italian Easier To Learn Than French? – A Few Reasons Why It Might Be

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Should I Learn German Or Italian? (Why Not Both Languages!)

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Italian VS Spanish – How Similar Are The Two Languages?

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What Languages Are Spoken In Switzerland? (German, French, Italian, Romansh and…)

Switzerland is a country situated in the center of Europe. It’s a land-locked country, but in stead of having direct access to the sea, it has its neighbors Italy, France, Lichtenstein, Austria and Germany. And the Swiss don’t just share their borders with these countries, they share their languages too. In Switzerland, there are four … Read more

French VS Italian – What Are The Differences? (And Which Language Is Harder?)

French and Italian are two European languages with similar origins. The languages have a lot in common and they’ve both got a reputation for being languages of beauty, passion and warm-bloodedness. But how similar are French and Italian really? French and Italian, despite similarities in grammar, vocabulary and origins, are not mutually intelligible. While they … Read more