How To Learn Italian Phrases For Free Using YouTube

avatarMille Larsen
2 mins read

Okay, so we've already been using the Internet as an amazing learning tool.

We found fantastic alphabet lessons on YouTube, we've found the best free dictionary money can buy, and we've already been doing free interactive lessons at LiveMocha for several days now. I'll bet you never realized there was so much information available to you for free to help you learn!

Well, folks, we've barely scratched the surface. Today, we're heading back over to YouTube to learn some useful Italian phrases. This worked easily for me, but depending on what you're studying, you might have to try different words in your search, such as hindi phrases, common french expressions, or basic german phrases.

The sound in this one is a little quiet, but it's a lot of fun and filled with useful phrases. Most videos aren't quite as fun, but it's amazing how many videos you will find! People have done a lot of work to help you learn, all for free!

As you use these videos to learn new phrases, don't forget to think of situations where these phrases would be useful. Don't just memorize translations; imagine these phrases as introductions, or as answers. And don't forget to use them throughout your day, so you commit them to memory!