Essential Italian Word Patterns Every Learner Should Know

avatarMille Larsen
2 mins read

Since we're in the second half of the year, the focus is less about grammar and vocabulary, and more about building "muscle memory". It's still important to continue picking up new words, of course, but the focus should be on word patterns and common usage. The idea is to get away from translating in your head, to a point where words come out on their own, without thought.

The following are just a handful of word patterns I observed just today, while reading my Italian travel blogs. It didn't take much work to spot them, or to gather them. Just minutes. You should be making these kinds of notes in whatever language you're studying.

in questi giorni — these days


In questi giorni sembra che ci siano molte probleme con le finanze.

These days it seems there are many financial problems.

gli ultimi anni — recent years


Negli ultimi anni è emerso un problema del crimine.

In recent years, a crime problem has emerged.

proprio qui — right here


Le risposte alle tue domande sono proprio qui nel tuo libro.

The answers to your questions are right here in your book.

per la gran parte — for the most part


Questi prodotti sono fatti per la gran parte a mano.

These products are made, for the most part, by hand.

più esattamente — more precisely


Lavora nell'industria informatica, più esattamente fa siti web.

He words in the computer industry — more precisely, he makes web sites.

la vita notturna — nightlife


Questo è la vostra guida alla vita notturna di Roma.

This is your guide to Rome's nightlife.

a pochi minute da — just minutes from


Barcelona offre infatti spiagge dorate a pochi minuti dal centro città.

Barcelona offers golden beaches just minutes from downtown.

parlando di ... — speaking of ...


Parlando di Barcelona, io sono là proprio ora!

Speaking of Barcelona, I am there right now!