Useful Word Patterns In Italian To Sound More Fluent

avatarMille Larsen
2 mins read

Staying on a recent theme, I intend to continue focusing on useful word patterns in Italian. While one should never stop learning vocabulary, my attention during the second half of my year of Italian will be focused more on learning words as part of common phrases, rather than simply as vocabulary words without any context.

Today, we'll look at a few more Italian word patterns I've found.

andare in giro — go around

Non si può andare in giro senza vestiti.
You can't go gallivanting around without clothes on!

quanto è bello — how nice it is

Quant'e bello vederti senza dottore.
How nice to see you without the doctor.

fino a... — until...

Non uscirò, fino a quando non avrò finito il lavoro.
I will not leave until I have finished the job.

di nuovo — again

Giovanni è venuto di nuovo a casa.
Johnny came home again.

tutto sommato — all things considered

Faccio qualche errore ma tutto sommato penso di scrivere bene.
I make a few mistakes, but all in all I think I write well.

il film giallo — thriller

Mi piacciono molto i film gialli.
I really like suspense films.

fuori moda — out of fashion

Queste foto sono fuori moda, tuttavia mi piacciono.
These photos are old-fashioned, but I still like them.