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Here you'll find my top recommendations for language learning at home.

On this page you'll find my personal favorites as far as language courses, books and other resources go. Obviously, I can't cover every language in the world but what I've listed here covers the main ones (plus a few less popular languages).

Over time as I discover new courses and products, I may edit or add to this list.

Extensive language course that covers everything from beginner to advanced

Rocket Languages: These guys have been around for decades and their courses are quite famous (for good reason). They cover all the major languages (the Italian and Russian editions are excellent). There are millions of users and thousands of verified success stories. I can't recommend their courses enough.

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Language courses for people who love to read

Uncovered series: This is an incredibly popular and expanding series by I Will Teach You A Language (Olly Richards). Olly's really become known as the "story guy" in the polyglot community as he emphasizes learning through story.

The Uncovered series has become a hit since its inception. Well worth it.

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Best language courses for self-learners and autodidacts

Innovative Series: As opposed to Rocket (see above) which is very structured in its approach, Innovative is a little more "liberal" with its course content. This makes it perfect for autodidacts (people who learn alone) or advanced learners who don't need much help moving through lesson material.

Tip: It's actually a great supplement to a Rocket course if you can afford both.

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Best books for learning languages (self and class study)

Language Books: It's impossible to recommend books for every language but what I do want to do is recommend some of my all-time personal favorites.

Here they are (links to Amazon):

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Best way to find cheap online language teachers and tutors

italki: The number one site in the world for finding people to practice languages with (or find qualified tutors/teachers online). Teachers on here are unbelievably inexpensive - as low as $4 in many cases.

Note: This is an offer via The Mezzofanti Guild that gives an extra free lesson if you sign up:

More best language courses and resources

Babbel: Basically a much more thorough and comprehensive alternative to Duolingo for European languages. It's affordable and very effective.

Mondly: One of the most well-designed apps (web and mobile) around that covers almost language you can think of. I had great progress using it for some European languages.

Pimsleur: How can I not mention Pimsleur? Pimsleur is one of the most well-known and universally respected language courses available. It's now available online for many languages. I highly recommend it.

That's it for now (check back later).

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