What is Auto Lingual, and who’s behind it?

My name is Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen and I’m from Denmark where I also currently live.
I’m a language learning enthusiast (some call it “nerd”)

Yours truly out in the cold

I’ve been into language learning for over ten years now. Learning languages is a passion that keeps on giving. I enjoy the process and the opportunities and benefits that foreign languages provide are just invaluable.

My goal with this website is to write insightful articles about languages and language learning. My articles all reflect my personal, subjective view. There are obviously other ways of going about language studies, but what I write here is my approach.

I’m looking forward to connecting with other language enthusiasts as well as people who might want to pick up another language, but don’t know how!

My mother tongue is Danish, and I speak English and French too, as well as an intermediate level of Standard Arabic and some Algerian Derja.

English is a language I learned in school. Or that’s the official part. In reality the internet, films and TV got me to the level of English that I have now. I’m definitely not a native English speaker, but I consider my English good enough to write this blog. (I do, however, encourage my readers to correct any mistakes I might make).

French is a self-taught language for me. It’s something that I spent around 3 years working on before I started to consider myself “fluent”.

I’m a trained architect, but for the time being, I work in furniture manufacturing. I’m dreaming of going full time as a writer, but that one takes at least as much dedication as language learning!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my articles. I’ve put a lot of work into them (and continue to do so) so I’d appreciate any comments, opinions, shares and shout-outs!

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9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Super happy I came across this! I love learning languages as well and even though I’m not a morning person, I try to get up early, load up with caffeine and get as much done as possible ???? There’s something very calming yet motivating about mornings, isn’t there! I’m currently trying to add Hebrew and Arabic to my collection, so thank you so much for the “Deciphering handwritten Arabic” piece! ????

  2. Hello Thomas I am Giulia from Italy! Great to bump into this blog, it is very interesting. And I was so surprised because you have my exact same interests! love early mornings for their light and their peace, I like to draw and paint, and I am currently learning arabic. I will certainly look for inspiration here! ????

  3. Good morning. I found your blog when doing a search about Swahili. Very interesting. I have been renewing my lessons in French on a certain language program since I learned it many years ago in school. Also I live in an area of the US which promotes French which is found in its history still evident in street names, building names and a couple of particular groups of people with French heritage. I found Swahili on the same language program and thought I would give it a try as part of my heritage. Thanks for posting the article about this colorful language.

  4. Hello! I wanted to thank you for your interesting and helpful insights on language. I have been interested in learning either German or Swedish as a native English speaker and stumbled across your writings. Your English is very good by the way! 🙂


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