This Is The Longest Word In Italian (26 Letters)

avatarMille Larsen
1 mins read

Want to know what the longest word in Italian is?

The longest word in the Italian language is precipitevolissimevolmente, which literally means "very hastily" or "in a very precipitous manner".

This word's made up of 11 syllables (pre-ci-pi-te-vo-lis-si-me-vol-men-te) and 26 letters in total.

This Italian word is an adverb derived from the adjective precipitoso (precipitous) with multiple suffixes added to intensify the meaning.

Here's a list of the suffixes added to precipitoso to form the word precipitevolissimevolmente:

  • -issimo (intensifying suffix, equivalent to "very" in English)
  • -evole (adjective-forming suffix, indicating capability or suitability)
  • -mente (adverb-forming suffix, indicating manner or degree)