How Long Does It Take to Learn Tagalog?

You’ve started studying Tagalog (or Filipino, which is basically the same thing) – good for you, it’s an extremely rewarding language to learn, but now you’re wondering how long you need to keep at it in order to reach some tangible results. This obviously depends on a ton of different things, and nobody will be … Read more

Swedish VS Norwegian: How Close are the Two Scandinavian Languages?

The Scandinavian languages are known for being extremely close. With little effort, A Swede would understand both Danish and Norwegian. Some dialects are harder to understand, and some people might not have the same knack for understanding the fellow Scandinavians, but the languages do have a lot in common. How similar are Norwegian and Swedish … Read more

Is Swahili A Language? A Creole? A Dialect?

Recently I’ve seen this question asked on the internet, but with no direct answer. Is Swahili a language? In order to respond with a good answer, I’ll have to consider what exactly is meant with the question: If Swahili wasn’t a language, what else could you suppose that it would be? Swahili is a language, … Read more

What Does Romanian Sound Like?

The Romanian language is a Latin-based language that really mystifies people. Geographically, it’s relatively isolated compared to the other descendants of Latin, which are all grouped in the area around the Mediterranean Sea. (Originally). This means that Romanian has had a quite different history since it started moving away from the “Vulgar Latin” spoken in … Read more

What Does Polish Sound Like To Non-Poles?

Polish is one of the outliers among the Slavic languages, namely because it has a quite distinct sound. Some elements of its pronunciation are quite difficult, but they’re also part of what makes Polish sound so unique and – to some – beautiful. But what does polish really sound like? Any description is, of course, … Read more