How To Read And Write In Ukrainian Cursive! A Ukrainian-Learner’s Guide To Cursive Cyrillic

How to write Ukrainian Cyrillic by hand

When you learn the Ukranian language, there’s no doubt that you’ll need to learn the 33 letters in the Ukrainian version of the Cyrillic alphabet. Learning a script can be done in under a week and it makes the rest of your Ukrainian-learning journey so much easier and more enjoyable. But as you improve in … Read more

How To Learn The Bengali Language By Yourself (From Beginner to Advanced)

How to learn Bengali

Bengali is the 7th most commonly spoken language in the world. Yet not a lot of people are studying or learning Bengali as a second language. This is a shame, because speaking Bengali brings you closer to some 300 million people who speak it around the globe. Most of them in Bangladesh, but a lot … Read more

Deciphering Handwritten Arabic: How To Read Arabic Written By Hand

Before we get started: Did you come here to learn how to read and write the Arabic alphabet in general? You’re in the wrong place! This article is about learning how to read Arabic handwriting. Read my article on learning the Arabic alphabet. How to read Arabic written by hand Handwritten Arabic is quite a … Read more