Algerian Arabic dialogues from 1847 part 2

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More phrases in 1847's Algerian Derdja

Here are some more handy phrases from the phrasebook I found on Google books. For an introduction and and overview of the different parts, go to part one:

Algerian Arabic dialogues

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Second dialogue

Consent, refusal, giving thanks and excusing oneself

I agree




Of course, with all of my heart

على رسي و عيني

Âla rasi ou âïni

On my-head and my-eye


ما عليه

Ma âlïh

Not on-him

Why not? The thing is done

الاش ما ننجم شي الدعوة راهي مقضية

Âlach ma nendjem chi, ed-daoûa rahi maqdhia

Why not I-can not the-affair is finished

The thing is easy

الدعوة ساهلة

Ed-daoûa sahla

The-affair easy

I can think of nothing to say

ما عندي ما نقول

Ma ândi ma nquoul

Not I-have what I-say

I am at your service

راني بين يديك

Rani bein ieddik

I-am between your-hands

You may command me

تنجم تتصرف فيّ

Tendjem tetssarref fiia

You-can you-dispose in-me

Order, and you will be obeyed

انتتامر عليّ وانا طايع لامرك

Nta tamer âliia ou ana thaiâ lamrek

You you-order on-me and I obey on-your-order

Talk, and everything will be good

تكلّم و ما يكون الّا الخير

Tkellem ou ma ikoun illa elkhir

Talk and not will-be except the-good

I am happy to have found the opportunity to fulfill your desires

راني فرحان بالزاف بلّي صبت الطريق باش نواسي ما في خاطرك

Rani ferhhan bezaf belli ssobt eth-thriq bach nouasi ma fi khathrek

I-am happy very that I-found the-way so-that I-make what in your-will

I will do my utmost for you

ما ننجم شي نوجّع لك خاطرك

Ma nendhem chi nouedj-djâ lek khatrek

Not I-can not I-make-effort to-you your-willingness

I cannot refuse.

محال نقول لك لا لا

Mouhhal nquoul lak la la

Impossible I-say to-you no no

How I wish that I could make you a bigger favor

ما ذا بيّ اذا ننجم نواسي لك مزيّة خير من هدة

Ma da biia ida nendjem nouassi lak mziia khir men hadi

How-much that with-me if I-could make to-you favor better than this

Trust in me

توكّل عليّ

Touekkel âliia

You-have-confidence on-me

I would also like to make you a favor

ما ذا بيّ نعمل لك مزيّتك

Ma da biia nâmel lek maziitek

How-much that with-me I-make to-you your-favor

You know that I love you a lot

تعرفني بلّي نحبّك بالزاف

Târafni belli nhhebbek bezzef

You-know-I that I-love-you much

Excuse me, sorry

اسمح لي

Esmahh li

Pardon to-me

That is impossible

هذا الشي محال

Had ech-chi mouhhal

This the-thing impossible

That doesn't depend on me

هذا الشي ما هو شي في يدّي

Had ech-chi ma hou chi fi ieddi

This the-thing not it not in my-hands

I can't do anything

ما ننجم شي حتّى حاجة

Ma nendjem chi hhatta hhadja

Not I-can not none thing

I'm sorry I can't help you

كيف ما نجّمت شي نقضي لك

Kif ma nedj-demt chi maqdhi lek

How not I-could not accomplish to-you

I swear that it isn't my fault

وااله اللومة ما في منّي

Ouollah el-louma ma hi menni

By-god the-fault not it of-me

Another time, if god is willing

مرّة اخرى نقضيها لك ان يأ الله

Marra okhra naqdhiha lek in cha allah

Time other I-do-it to-you if wants god

The time is not good

الحال ما يوالم شي

Elhhal ma ioualem chi

The-time not convene not

Excuse me for this time

هذه المرة تسمح لي

Had elmarra tesmahh li

This the-time you-excuse to-me