Is Italian Easier To Learn Than French? – A Few Reasons Why It Might Be

French and Italian are two related languages belonging to the Romance branch of Indo-European languages. They’re both known for their rich history and culture, their magnificent cuisine, and for being beautiful, elegant languages. If you were to learn one of them, however, which one would be easier? Italian is simpler for an English speaker in … Read more

Is Vietnamese Hard To Learn? (I’ve got to say.. YES)

The Vietnamese language is a language spoken by over 90 million people, almost all of whom learned the language to fluency while growing up. Not a lot of adults learn Vietnamese, though. It’s considered a difficult language by many, and the few who want to challenge themselves with an “exotic Asian language” mostly just opt … Read more

Swedish VS German – How Similar Are They? (Which Language Is Harder?)

Swedish and German are two languages that both belong to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language tree. This means that they are related. It doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that they’re mutually intelligible. English, too, is a Germanic language after all. To be more precise, German is a West-Germanic language. So are English and Dutch, … Read more

French VS Italian – What Are The Differences? (And Which Language Is Harder?)

French and Italian are two European languages with similar origins. The languages have a lot in common and they’ve both got a reputation for being languages of beauty, passion and warm-bloodedness. But how similar are French and Italian really? French and Italian, despite similarities in grammar, vocabulary and origins, are not mutually intelligible. While they … Read more

Is Chinese Harder Than Japanese? (Chinese VS Japanese – A Comparison)

Whenever people speak of language learning, or more specifically, difficult languages, two languages are almost always mentioned more than others. Chinese and Japanese. Everybody and their aunt know that these two languages are two of the most complicated tongues out there, at least from the perspective of an English speaker. They are notoriously difficult to … Read more

How Hard Is It To Learn Swedish? Can I Learn It By Myself?

Swedish is a North Germanic language with around 10 million native speakers who live in Sweden and to some extent in Finland and Estonia. The Swedish language is closely related to its neighboring languages Danish and Norwegian, but it also has some similarities with other Germanic languages such as Dutch, German and English. But does … Read more

How Long does it Take to Learn the Russian Language as an English Speaking Self-Student?

How long does it take to learn the Russian language?

The Russian language is the mother tongue of over 150 million people in Russia, but also in several other countries such as Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It’s the most populous language in the Slavic language family and an extremely important language in terms of politics, economy and much more. You came here’s however, because you’re … Read more

Is The Indonesian Language Hard To Learn For An English Speaking Self-Student?

Is the Indonesian language hard to learn?

Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia is the Language of 43 million native speakers and over 150 million second-language speakers. The language belongs to the Austronesian language family and is a standardized version of Malay, spoken in Indonesia along with over 700 other languages. Despite its being geographically distant and seemingly unconnected with English and other European … Read more

Is Greek A Difficult Language To Learn? 6 Things You Need To Consider

Is the Greek language hard to learn?

The Greek language is the native tongue of over 13 million people in Greece (and Cyprus and Albania). It’s a language of the Hellenic language family, which is an independent branch of the Indo-European language family. This means that despite Greece’s and the Greek language’s importance in world history, the language isn’t closely related to … Read more