This Is The Longest Word In French (27 Letters)

avatarMille Larsen
1 mins read

Want to know what the longest word in French is?

The longest word in the French language is intergouvernementalisations, which is a plural form of the word intergouvernementalisation. It literally refers to the processes or instances of making something "intergovernmental".

This word's made up of 7 syllables (in-ter-gou-ver-ne-men-ta-li-sa-tions) and 27 letters in total.

This French word is a plural noun.

Here's a grammatical breakdown of the word intergouvernementalisations (prefix, noun and suffixes):

  • inter-: A prefix indicating "between" or "among."
  • gouvernement: The French word for "government."
  • -al: A suffix indicating "pertaining to" or "related to."
  • -isat: A suffix used in the formation of nouns from verbs, indicating "the act of making or causing."
  • -ions: A suffix forming nouns indicating "the result or state of."
  • -s: A plural suffix.