This Is The Longest Word In Arabic (15 Letters)

avatarMille Larsen
2 mins read

Want to know what the longest word in Arabic is?

The longest word in the Arabic language is أفاستسقيناكموها, which literally means "Did we ask you both to give it to us to drink from?".

With tashkeel, the word is written like this: أَفَإِستَسقَينَاكُمُوها (pronounced afaastasqaynakumuha).

This word's made up of 6 syllables and 15 letters in total (or you could make it 16 letters if you use the plural suffix هما instead of ها).

This Arabic word is derived from the root for asking for rain or irrigation (س ق ي) along with other grammatical markers indicating subject, object and indirect object.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the longest Arabic word:

  • أَفَ (Afa) - question particle.
  • إِسْ (Is-) - prefix attached to the stem to create a derived form.
  • تَسْقَيْ (tasqay-) - the stem of the verb "to irrigate/ask for rain."
  • نَا (na) - first person plural object pronoun ("us").
  • كُمُ (ku-mu) - second person plural object pronoun ("you").
  • وها (w-ha) - "and it," another object pronoun.