What Is The Most Common Language Spoken In Algeria? (The Algerian Language Situation)

Below is an article, written by an un-named Algerian. While the ideas expressed are sometimes subjective, I agree with them very much, and they are representative of a point of view that many Algerians share. The Algerian language situation isn’t as clear-cut and easily definable as it’s the case with other countries. Arabic is the … Read more

353 Words And Phrases In Algerian Arabic (Or Dardja)

Of all the languages spoken in Algeria, Derja is the most common. It’s sometimes referred to as Algerian Arabic, and even among Algerians, many consider the language a dialect of Arabic. Yet, it is, in many ways, different from Arabic, and I, personally, think that Algerian should be considered a language apart. If you’re interested … Read more

18 Algerian Love Phrases To Melt The Heart Of Your Date (Use With Caution)

Algerian love phrases

For some reason, you’re out there searching for “Algerian love phrases”. No need to explain – I suppose you have good and specific reasons for that. Google hasn’t been very forthcoming for those looking for that kind of thing up until now, but I’ve got your back, my friend. If you want to learn the … Read more

Glossika review focusing on Moroccan Arabic

Glossika languages review

My review of Glossika: A language learning tool for the serious language learner For a long time I’ve wanted to review Glossika Glossika has been around for a few years. Its founder, Mike Campbell is an accomplished polyglot with a special interest in Asian languages and dialects (but many languages from around the world are … Read more

Algerian Arabic dialogues from 1847 part 2

More phrases in 1847’s Algerian Derdja Here are some more handy phrases from the phrasebook I found on Google books. For an introduction and and overview of the different parts, go to part one: Algerian Arabic dialogues Second dialogue Consent, refusal, giving thanks and excusing oneself I agree رضيت Rdhit I-have-consented Of course, with all … Read more

Algerian Arabic dialogues from 1847 part 1

Language samples of the Derdja, or Algerian Arabic spoken in 1847’s Constantine I’ve been on the lookout for useful material that I can use to learn the Algerian dialect of Arabic for a long time. Good sources are hard to come by, but recently I found an old book online called Guide de la conversation … Read more