18 Algerian Love Phrases To Melt The Heart Of Your Date (Use With Caution)

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Have you been searching around for Algerian love phrases? Well here are a few!

For some reason, you're out there searching for "Algerian love phrases". No need to explain - I suppose you have good and specific reasons for that. Google hasn't been very forthcoming for those looking for that kind of thing up until now, but I've got your back, my friend.

If you want to learn the Algerian language, you should check out these two resources:

I'm in no way fluent in Derja, or Algerian Arabic as some people call it, but I asked around a little, so I could help you out. You can thank me later!

If you're interested in more general words and phrases in Algerian, go check my collection where I've got several hundred (with audio).

So without further ado, let's get started!


It means "I love you" quite simply. You'll find that it's related to the Arabic "أحبك" but it's typically Algerian in that the "oo" sound in the beginning of the verb is switched with the prefix "n". The "7" corresponds to the Arabic "ح".


This one means "I miss you". Works evert time!

Nmout alik

I'd die for you! Now that's a real love phrase. But keep reading, it gets better!

Ya 3amri

The "3" corresponds to the Arabic "ع"
This one literally means "oh my soul", but it's something that's very frequently used as "How cute".


Some say that this one is mostly platonic and something you say between friends - other beg to differ! It's worth experimenting!

Dkhelt(i) f9elbi

The "9" here corresponds to the Arabic letter "ق"
You entered my heart. Dkhelti if it's adressed to a woman, dkhelt if it's to a man.

Nebghik rabbak

I want you, your god! "Nebghik" being way of saying "I want" and "rabbak" literally meaning "your lord". A way of making the statement stronger.

Rodi 3liya ma9dertch netnefess

Answer me, I can't breathe! For someone who's in a bad state!

Zin dyali

My beauty!

Nti a3ziza a3liya

You are dear to me. This one is when addressed to a woman. When saying it to a man, it should be "nta a3ziz a3liya"

Ndik ou nrou7 ou la tati7 rou7

I'll take you and go, otherwise I'll drop a soul.
I think this one fits the description "Algerian love phrase" pretty well!

Kebda diali

My liver! This is mostly something you'd say to your children. If you think it sounds a little strange, think about what you'd do without your liver!

Ya zella

You pretty one!

Denyti w ma fiha

(You are) My world and what's within.

Raabk ghir nti li nedik

I want you to be my wife!
You might as well go all in.

Ndabezhom ala jalek rbk

I would fight them for you your God. (Your god sort of makes it stronger than "my god")

Bsslahi drbtini wlh ma rahamntini

You hit me with my own weapon, you had no mercy on me.
This one's for when it's really bad!

Galbi we galbek 3and lbouchi m3alguine

My heart and your heart are hanged at the butcher's!
A clear fatality!

So that's it. If you have any Algeiran love phrases or expressions of endearment, please do add them in the comments below!

But before that, and while you're in the mood, Check out Algeiran Raï singer Cheb Hasni's song "Matebkiche" (Don't cry)

Ghir matebkich gouli da mektoubi
Don't cry, just say this is my fate
El delm s3ib w enti shekiti
Pain is hard and you're the one who have doubts
Sma3ti el hadra w tqalqti
You've listened/paid attention to what people said and got worried.
Nekhda3 3omri had shi mou7al
Betray you ? This is impossible
Jiti tebki w dlemtini
You cried and hurt me
Be klam el nass bedel la7wel
Poeple's words destroyed our story
Ida tfahemna ghir la2 tordich
If we understand each other, don't go
El madi hlawa ya khti la2 tensish
The past is full of good memories, don't forget it
Loukan ghaltan manwelich
If I was wrong, I won't come back

Lyrics borrowed from Aliciaah.

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