How Many Words Are There In The Hindi Language?

So how big is the Hindi lexicon? It’s hard to say… Counting the number of words that exist in a language is not a simple feat. Languages that are strictly controlled and governed by the official institution in charge of editing the official dictionaries, like the English “Oxford Dictionary” or the “Académie Française” both fall … Read more

Greek VS Italian – Similarities And Differences Of Two Mediterranean Languages

Greek and Italian are two languages spoken in Southern Europe in Mediterranean countries with ancient histories and world-famous cultures. Greece and Italy have a lot in common. They’re the two countries that laid the foundation for what we consider western civilization today and they have a historical bond dating back to antiquity. They’re the birthplaces … Read more

Is French A Dying Language? (Not Even Close!)

I recently saw this question asked while browsing the web. Is French a dying language? I don’t believe in “bad” questions. The question might be oddly put, but I think that it hints at something a little deeper. French, a language spoken natively on all populated continents, might be slowly losing some of its importance. … Read more

Danish VS German – How Do The Two Languages Compare?

Danish and German are two Germanic languages of Northern Europe and their shared ancestry shines through in many different ways, even though they do have important differences as well. Other languages in the same category include Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, and English. While Danish is very close to Swedish and Norwegian, German is much closer to … Read more

What Is The Most Common Language Spoken In Algeria? (The Algerian Language Situation)

Below is an article, written by an un-named Algerian. While the ideas expressed are sometimes subjective, I agree with them very much, and they are representative of a point of view that many Algerians share. The Algerian language situation isn’t as clear-cut and easily definable as it’s the case with other countries. Arabic is the … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Learn Czech?

Czech is a Slavic language closely related to Slovak, but also to Polish and a little more distantly to languages such as Russian and Bulgarian. It’s spoken by around 10 million people, most of whom live in the Czech Republic, a Central European country with loads to offer in terms of travel, cuisine, and more. … Read more