Is French A Germanic Language? (Nope It’s Latin!)

French is a language spoken by close to 300 million people in over 29 countries around the world. It’s been influenced by many different foreign tongues and language families over the centuries, but the French language originally developed from Latin, or more precisely Vulgar Latin, the language spoken as an informal, everyday means of communication … Read more

Filipino VS Tagalog – What’s The Difference? (Is It The Same Language?)

Tagalog and Filipino are two languages of the Philippines of the Austronesian language family. Or are they actually one and the same? That’s an often debated subject that people can’t seem to agree on. The reality is that the two languages are practically the same thing. The names are also used interchangeably by most Filipinos … Read more

Hindi VS Urdu – What’s The Difference Between The Hindustani Languages?

Hindi and Urdu are two Indo-Aryan languages that both developed from Sanskrit in Northern India beginning some 2700 years ago. While both Hindi and Urdu exists in many dialects, there were no distinction between them up until the 19th century. Before then, they were referred to as “Hindustani” which was a language derived from Sanskrit, … Read more

The History Of The Turkish Language – Where Did It Come From? (Turkish Language Origin)

The Turkish language is spoken by more than 75 million Turks in the world today. It’s the language spoken in Turkey and has for centuries functioned as a link between Europe and the Middle East. Once, however, it was the language of an Empire. If history had turned out just slightly different, much of Europe … Read more

Is Tagalog A Language Or A Dialect? The Answer Is Clear

The Philippines is known for being a country of no less than 182 living languages. Most of them are spoken by small groups of people, but around 75% of the people speak one of five language whereas the remaining 25% speak a minority language. The most commonly spoken language in the Philippines is Tagalog, with … Read more

How Old Is The Arabic Language And Where Did It Come From? A Look At Three Historical Arabic Languages

How old is the Arabic language?

Modern Standard Arabic, or Fusha, is a modernized and slightly simplified version of Classical Arabic. Like most languages, Arabic has evolved and changed throughout the centuries. It’s a language that originates from the Arabic peninsula, where a lot of different dialects used to exist. With the birth of the Islamic religion, the Arabic language became … Read more

The Surprising Origin of The Hungarian Language

What's the origin of the Hungarian language?

Hungarian is the language of around 13 million people in the Central-European country Hungary. The language is quite interesting because it’s so different from the languages of all of its neighbors. In fact, almost all European languages have something fundamental in common: They (almost) all belong to the Indo-European language family, meaning that they’re (almost) … Read more

How Spanish Came From Latin (But Also Arabic and Other Languagers)

Is Spanish a Latin language?

I’ve come upon this question on the internet about the Spanish language. “Is Spanish Latin” was the phrase. While I can quite easily say that Spanish and Latin most definitely are not the same thing, it’s clear that Spanish has Latin origins. Is Spanish and Latin The Same Language? Latin or rather, Vulgar Latin was … Read more