Danish VS German – How Do The Two Languages Compare?

Danish and German are two Germanic languages of Northern Europe and their shared ancestry shines through in many different ways, even though they do have important differences as well. Other languages in the same category include Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, and English. While Danish is very close to Swedish and Norwegian, German is much closer to … Read more

Danish VS Dutch – What Are The Differences? (Is Dutch And Danish The Same Language?)

As a native Dane, something that I’ve noticed when speaking to people from far and wide (and especially the US.. Sorry, Americans!) is that people tend to be confused about my nationality and my language. I’ve lost count of how many times people assumed that the Danish speak Dutch. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t … Read more

How to Pronounce the “stød” or Glottal Stop in Danish

How to pronounce danish stød

The “stød” is a feature in Danish pronunciation that many learners of Danish struggle to get right. It’s often characterized as what’s more generally called a “glottal stop” in linguistics. Some argue, however, that the stød is not exactly the same thing and that especially some dialects of Danish use the feature in a much … Read more

Is Danish hard to learn? – An honest look at the language.

Is learning Danish difficult

Danish is a Scandinavian language spoken by less than 6 million people in the world. Almost all of them live in Denmark and good part of them speak pretty good English. Yet, there’s a growing interest in the world for learning Danish! And while Danish won’t help you while traveling the world (other than Denmark) … Read more

How To Learn Danish (A Beginner’s Guide To Learning Danish By Yourself)

Danish Flag

Danish: A Scandinavian language spoken by some 5,5 million people in the Northern European country, Denmark. Most people wouldn’t pick Danish first when setting out picking up a new language. But Danish has it’s charm. It’s related to English and has many similarities, yet strangely different in the way it’s spoken. In this article, I’ll … Read more

5 Danish Mini Stories With Audio (Dialogues for Danish Beginners And Intermediate Students)

Danish stories with audio

Easy stories in simple Danish for beginners Below you’ll find my Danish translation and my recordings of 5 mini stories. I hope you’ll find them useful as a resource. I spent a lot of time translating and recording these into Danish, so please let me know what you think in the comments below! If you’re … Read more