7 Best Podcasts For Learning Hungarian In 2022

avatarMille Larsen
4 mins read

Hungarian has become an increasingly popular language to learn in recent years.

It's spoken by over 13 million speakers, including many Hungarian expats living across Europe and the rest of the world. It's a great language for travel and tourism, but also for business and dating.

It has a reputation for being a tricky language to learn (grammatically) compared to Western European languages but is surprisingly not that difficult when you get started.

There are some excellent courses and online resources for learning Hungarian, but today I want to recommend some great podcasts (including podcast-style courses). Podcasts are an enormously popular medium these days for learning.

Here are my podcast recommendations.

Beginner podcasts for learning Hungarian

Just getting started?

I'll start with the easy Hungarian podcast content! These are the ones best suited for new learners.

1. HungarianPod101

HungarianPod101 is the without doubt the most popular Hungarian course online, and just so happens to teach Hungarian in a podcast format.

They have an enormous library of content ranging from absolute beginner to advanced. They also include video lessons.

The site is beautifully designed and has an active community of learners and teachers.

I can't recommend HungarianPod101 enough.

The best part is - it's dirt cheap. Works out around $4 a month for a subscription.

2. One Minute Hungarian

There's not a whole lot to listen to in One Minute Hungarian admittedly (10 lessons in total), but this one's a good little primer to get your toes in the water with Hungarian.

3. Let's Learn Hungarian!

If you're visiting Hungary for a short trip but nothing too serious, I'd recommend checking out Let's Learn Hungarian!.

It's quite brief - only 20 or so lessons - but enough to cover the basics of Hungarian and get you started.

The lessons are short too and tend to focus on practical, topic-based content.

Intermediate podcasts for learning Hungarian

Are you an intermediate Hungarian speaker? You find beginner content too easy but advanced is too hard?

Well, there are some suitable Hungarian podcasts for you as well.

4. The Christmas Short Works Collection

Seems odd to be recommending Christmas stories as a Hungarian podcast resource but this one's a gem for Intermediate learners regardless (it covers multiple languages including Hungarian).

The short stories are accompanied by English and Hungarian transcripts so you can follow along.

While it has a Christmas focus, there's a wealth of vocabulary and expressions to be found in the collection, making it a valuable Hungarian podcast for learners.

Advanced podcasts for learning Hungarian

Are you an advanced speaker of Hungarian? Or perhaps a high-intermediate learner wanting to push yourself to advanced fluency?

These Hungarian podcasts will help.

5. Budapest.FM

This one's a stretch, since it doesn't necessarily teach Hungarian, nor is it even Hungarian.

Rather, it just centers on Hungary and Hungarian culture which advanced learners will find interesting.

6. SBS Hungarian

The Australian government has funded a massive, multilingual resource called SBS which includes Hungarian. It's basically a TV and radio service for migrant communities.

Anyone learning advanced Hungarian will find it enormously useful as a listening resource.

7. Lomed Hungary

This is a service for Jews that focuses on teaching from the Mishnah, a legalistic Jewish text. It does it all in Hungarian, making it a handy resource for listening skill improvements. Obviously, not going to be interesting for people uninterested in Jewish religion.

Podcasts are a great way to learn Hungarian

Podcasts are a great way to learn a language like Hungarian.

They're enjoyable, bite-sized and easy to consume on the fly.

Did I miss any?

Comment below and let me know.