What Languages Are Spoken In Kyiv, Ukraine? (Other Than Ukrainian)

Kiev, or Kyiv, which is more correct, is the capital city of Ukraine. It’s located in the northern, central part of the country closest to the borders of Belarus, and it’s a city that regroups many of Ukraine’s different minority groups. Ukraine is known for being a multilingual country where both Russian and Ukrainian are … Read more

Russian VS Ukrainian – How Different Are The Two Languages? (..Really!)

Russian and Ukrainian are two East Slavic languages spoken in Russia and Ukraine in Eastern Europe and the Northern part of the Eurasian continent. The two languages have many things in common, partly because of their shared history from the middle ages, through the epoch of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and finally, the … Read more

Do Ukrainians Speak Russian? What Other Languages Are Spoken In Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country of approximately 42 million inhabitants. Ukrainian is the national and official language of the country according to the constitution, but other languages are spoken as well. Despite Ukrainian being the national language of Ukraine, Russian is also widely spoken. While 67.5% of the population consider Ukrainian their national language, 29% think … Read more

How To Read And Write In Ukrainian Cursive! A Ukrainian-Learner’s Guide To Cursive Cyrillic

How to write Ukrainian Cyrillic by hand

When you learn the Ukranian language, there’s no doubt that you’ll need to learn the 33 letters in the Ukrainian version of the Cyrillic alphabet. Learning a script can be done in under a week and it makes the rest of your Ukrainian-learning journey so much easier and more enjoyable. But as you improve in … Read more

How To Learn Ukrainian By Yourself (From Beginner To Advanced)

How to learn Ukrainian?

Ukrainian is a fascinating language with growing importance in the world on multiple fronts. There are many great reasons to become fluent in the language. There’s not a lot of helpful info out there on how to learn Ukrainian, however. That’s why I’ve decided to write this article which I’m hoping can help you make … Read more