Is The Turkish Language A Form Of Arabic?

Turkey is a country that geographically borders both Europe and Asia. Culturally, most people consider Turkey a Middle-Eastern country, and there certainly is no doubt that Turkish culture has similarities with the culture of many of the other countries of the region, such as Arabic-speaking Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Jordan. Turkey does indeed have a … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Learn Turkish? (Language Learning From Scratch)

The Turkish language is spoken by close to 80 million people in the world, most of whom speak the language as their mother tongue. It’s a language of the Turkic language family, which means that it’s completely unrelated to English. It also means that the Turkish language might be a little more challenging to learn … Read more

The History Of The Turkish Language – Where Did It Come From? (Turkish Language Origin)

The Turkish language is spoken by more than 75 million Turks in the world today. It’s the language spoken in Turkey and has for centuries functioned as a link between Europe and the Middle East. Once, however, it was the language of an Empire. If history had turned out just slightly different, much of Europe … Read more

Is The Turkish Language Hard To Learn? Well.. It’ll Take Some Time..

Is Turkish hard to learn?

The Turkish language is one of the bigger and most popular languages in the Turkic language family. It’s a language that more and more people get interested in in today’s world whether it be for touristic, cultural, business related or other reasons. This is also why a growing number of people decide to try and … Read more

How To Learn Turkish By Yourself (And Go From Beginner To Fluent)

How to learn Turkish eating Baklava

So before getting into the subject on how to learn Turkish, let’s first have a look at the language itself, to see what we’re dealing with. Turkish is a language with around 80 million speakers in the world. It belongs to the Turkic language family and is quite different from both the Indo European languages … Read more