What Does Romanian Sound Like?

The Romanian language is a Latin-based language that really mystifies people. Geographically, it’s relatively isolated compared to the other descendants of Latin, which are all grouped in the area around the Mediterranean Sea. (Originally). This means that Romanian has had a quite different history since it started moving away from the “Vulgar Latin” spoken in … Read more

What Languages Do They Speak In Moldova? (Moldovan? Romanian?)

Moldova is a little land-locked country squeezed in between Northern Romania and Southern Ukraine with 2,6 million inhabitants. The main language of Moldova is Moldovan, which is considered by most as a dialect of Romanian. The differences between Romanian and Moldovan are small, and the distinction is probably mostly political. In Moldova, the Russian language … Read more

What Languages Do They Speak In Romania? (Other Than.. Romanian)

Romania is a country of around 25 million people. Most of these people speak Romanian, a language which despite being a member of the Romance language family, is strongly influenced by both Hungarian and the Slavic languages close to Romania’s borders. Romanian is spoken by 91% of the country’s population. The fact that the remaining … Read more

Is it hard to learn the Romanian language? (for an English speaker)

Is it hard to learn Romanian?

Romanian is a language of around 25 million speakers in the world. It’s the unlikely cousin of French, Spanish and Italian being of the Latin language family. It’s geographic location and its long history has meant, however, that the language is strongly influenced by the Slavic languages such as Bulgarian. Romanian has more than 10% … Read more

Is the Romanian language Slavic? (No, it’s not!)

House in Romanian mountains

Romanian is the language of around 24 million speakers who live in Romania and to some extent Albania, Greece, Serbia, Moldova, Macedonia and Ukraine. It’s a language with a rich history and many influences. And it has a quite particular sound. The pronunciation, certain commonly used words and Romania’s geographic location make a lot of … Read more

How To Learn Romanian By Yourself (From Beginner To Advanced)

How to learn Romanian

Romanian is the language of around 24 million people in mostly Romania and Moldova. There are Romanian speakers all over the world, though, so you’ll get many opportunities to speak the language. The language is in the Latin language family and is very close to Italian and to some extent other romance languages likes Spanish … Read more