What Does Polish Sound Like To Non-Poles?

Polish is one of the outliers among the Slavic languages, namely because it has a quite distinct sound. Some elements of its pronunciation are quite difficult, but they’re also part of what makes Polish sound so unique and – to some – beautiful. But what does polish really sound like? Any description is, of course, … Read more

German VS Polish – How Different Are The Two Languages?

Polish and German are two Central European languages spoken by very big populations in Poland and Germany. (But German is also spoken in countries like Austria, Switzerland, and other countries). German is – as the name suggests – a Germanic language. Okay, you might have figured out as much, but what you might not know … Read more

How long does it take to learn Polish (For an average English-speaker)

How long does it take to learn Polish

Polish is a Western-Slavic language with around 50 millions speakers in the world. It’s widely regarded as a difficult language to learn! But how long would it take you, the average English speaker to learn Polish? It depends on so much… We’ve already established (or supposed) that you’re an average English speaker, so let’s assume … Read more

Is Polish hard to learn? Here’s Why It Isn’t (Although It Might Take A While)

Is Polish hard to learn?

Polish is a West-Slavic language spoken mostly in Poland, but Polish expatriates can be found all over the world. It’s the second most spoken Slavic language in the world after Russian, and one that many people are interested in learning. There are many reasons to learn Polish. Some do it because they have Polish heritage, … Read more