What Languages Are Spoken In Algeria? (Algerian Arabic, Berber, French And More!)

Algeria is a North African country with more than 42 million inhabitants who speak several different languages. Officially, Algerians speak Arabic and Berber, but in reality, the real linguistic landscape of Algeria is a little more complicated. While Modern Standard Arabic is the main official and national language of Algeria, it’s hardly spoken by anyone. … Read more

Stories For Learning Kabyle, A Berber / Amazigh Language. With Audio And English Translation.

Village in Kabylia

Kabyle is a dialect of the Amazigh, or Berber language of North Africa. Kabyle more specifically is the variant of Amazigh spoken in Kabylia, a mountainous, coastal region of Algeria. Some variants of the Amazigh language has been spoken in North Africa for at least 4-5000 years, and it has been a written language for … Read more