How Old Is The Bengali Language?

Bengali is a language spoken by some 260 million people in Bangladesh and Northern India. It’s an Indo-European language, meaning that it’s (remotely) related to English, but it’s closer to other Indo-Aryan languages spoken in the region, such as Hindi, and even more so to languages such as Assamese. But how old is the Bengali … Read more

Bengali VS Bangla VS Bangladeshi VS Bengalese – What’s The Difference?

The language spoken in Bangladesh (and parts of North-Western India) is called: Bengali. Or Bangla? Or Bangladeshi? Or Bengalese? In fact, people use numerous names for both the nationality of people from Bangladesh but also the name of the language. So you might ask: What do each one mean and are they all correct? Bengali … Read more

Did UNESCO Declare Bengali The Sweetest Language In The World? (They Didn’t.. But It Might Still Be)

Bengali is the language of over 230 million speakers in Bangladesh and North Eastern India in the region of West Bengal. It’s a language that’s very dear to its speakers, especially since they had to fight in order to gain the right to speak it, a right that the Bengali people won when they gained … Read more

Where In The World Do They Speak The Bengali Language? (Is Bangla Only Spoken In Bengladesh?)

Where is Bengali spoken?

The Bengali language is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by more than 230 million people in the world. It is said to have evolved for over 3000 years after having broken off from Sanskrit and has since become an important and influential language in the Eastern part of the Indian subcontinent. But where do all of … Read more

Is the Bengali Language Hard to Learn? (A Few Things to Help You Decide)

Is Bengali hard to learn?

Bengali is the language of over 230 million people in the world. It’s the language of Bangladesh and Eastern India and belongs to the Indo-Aryan language family, which in turn is part of the Indo-European group of languages. This means that Bengali is remotely related to most European languages, English included. It’s definitely not a … Read more

How To Learn The Bengali Language By Yourself (From Beginner to Advanced)

How to learn Bengali

Bengali is the 7th most commonly spoken language in the world. Yet not a lot of people are studying or learning Bengali as a second language. This is a shame, because speaking Bengali brings you closer to some 300 million people who speak it around the globe. Most of them in Bangladesh, but a lot … Read more