Learning Tatar? Here Are The Books You Should Use

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best books to learn Tatar

Are you looking for the best books to learn to speak Tatar?

Tatar is fast becoming a popular language to learn. It's the official language of a region in Russia called Tatarstan and is actually closely related to Turkish.

Unfortunately, there still isn't a whole lot available for Tatar - but it will change! 😊

So, today I’m going to share with you my favorite books to learn Tatar.

Let me know if there’s a book or other kind of resource you suggest I add to this short list.

1. Intensive Course Of The Tatar Language

Author: Flera Safiullina

This is arguably the best book available for learning Tatar to date.

Flera Safiullina is in charge of the department for Tatar language instruction to foreigners at KSU (Kazan State University) and a leading figure in Tatar education.

The book is suitable as a self-study guide or for classroom study.

I highly recommend it to any serious student of Tatar.

2. Tatar Phrasebook

Authors: Nicholas Awde & Gulnaz Valeeva

When you're learning any language - Tatar included - a comprehensive phrasebook is one of the most important tools you can use.

At the end of the day, we learn by speaking whole phrases repeatedly.

The Tatar Phrasebook is a little rough in its design but it covers a lot.

You'll find it immensely useful in your travels to Kazan or the surrounding Tatarstan countryside.

3. Tatar Manual (Uralic and Altaic)

Author: Nicholas Poppe

Without doubt one of the most detailed resources on Tatar in existence, the Tatar Manual covers every fine aspect of the language.

Just be warned.

It's terribly designed with very dated print.

If you can look past the dated design of the 1st edition, you'll find that the Tatar Manual is one of the best resources you've invested in.

Summary: There are some great books for learning Tatar if you know what you're looking for

I know the list is quite thin on this one.

But Tatar is a language with rapidly growing popularity and many people are becoming more eager to travel to the region of Tatarstan (Kazan specifically).

I really believe that resources for learning Tatar are going to increase.

Which resources would you recommend?

Is there a useful book or textbook for Tatar that you've used which I missed?

Please let me know!