Learning Armenian? Here Are The Books I Highly Recommend

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best books to learn Armenian

What are the best books for learning to speak Armenian?

Armenian is so beautiful and an incredibly underrated language.

It's the language of... you guessed it... Armenia, a small country located right beside Georgia and Azerbaijan. It's spoken natively by around 6.7 million people.

There are two major distinctions - Eastern and Western Armenian.

If you're looking for quality books to learn these flavors of Armenian then you're in luck! 😊

Today I'm going to share my own personal favorite books with you for Armenian (ones that I highly recommend to students).

If you know of others that aren't on my list, let me know!

UPDATE: If you want a quality resource for Armenian, definitely check out Pimsleur Armenian too (they offer both Eastern and Western dialects).

1. Eastern Armenian For English Speakers: Easy Guide to Master the Alphabet, Grammar and Vocabulary

Author: A. Mkhitaryan

Dialect: Eastern

Mkhitaryan has done a phenomenal job with Eastern Armenian For English Speakers. 😍

Broken up into two parts, the book takes you right through from the learning the alphabet (it's easier than it looks), through to Armenian grammar and essential vocab. Concepts are laid out and explained in a simple yet detailed manner.

This is one of the best Armenian resources available.

2. Eastern Armenian Comprehensive Self-Study Language Course

Author: Anahit S. Avetisyan

Dialect: Eastern

This is a terrific resource for Armenian autodidacts (self-learners).

It's a comprehensive (yet fairly concise) book that covers quite a lot.

3. Learning Armenian Headstart: Manual For Foreigners

Author: Lusine K. Muradyan

Dialect: Eastern

Muradyan has done a phenomenal job putting this one together for beginner Armenian learners.

It also includes audio.

Learning Armenian Headstart is definitely aimed at complete beginners. I can't recommend this enough.

4. Learn to Read Armenian in 5 Days

Publisher: Alex Hakobyan

Dialect: Eastern

As the name suggests, this one is solely for learning how to read Armenian.

As you've probably seen, Armenian has a very unique writing system that some people find overwhelming.

This book does a great job at simplifying it for you quickly.

5. Western Armenian Dictionary & Phrasebook: Armenian-English/English-Armenian

Author: Nicholas Awde

Dialect: Western

Here's one for Western Armenian learners.

It's not a course or instructional guide, but rather a comprehensive dictionary and handy phrasebook that any serious learner of Armenian should own a copy of.

I highly recommend this one.

Summary: When learning Armenian, then are some great books to choose from

There are a few more I could have added but these books for Armenian I've listed are definitely the best.

Armenian's a beautiful, underrated language that deserves more attention.

As travel to the region becomes more popular, the language is becoming more and more appealing to new learners.

Are there any Armenian resources I missed that you'd recommend? Please let me know!

Հաջողություն! 😊