There's No Babbel Vietnamese (Yet)... Here Are Better Options

avatarMille Larsen
3 mins read

Are you looking for Babbel Vietnamese?

Unfortunately, Babbel Vietnamese is not yet available to those of us trying to learn to speak Vietnamese. Fortunately, there are some fantastic alternatives for courses and apps which I'll share in just a moment.

Don't know what Babbel is?

Babbel is one of the leading and most popular courses/apps for learning various popular languages. Unfortunately, Vietnamese isn't an option yet.

Here are my favorite alternatives:


VietnamesePod101 is the best alternative for those wishing there was a Babbel Vietnamese.

It's quite different to Babbel in its style. While Babbel is essentially an app (both mobile and web) that teaches through repetitive exercises and quizzes, VietnamesePod101 is a podcast lesson database that uses both audio and video to teach.

You listen to the podcast audio (a conversation between a native speaker and learner), then listen to individual words and sentences, or follow along with notes and transcripts.

VietnamesePod101 is very comprehensive and covers a range of practical Vietnamese situations.

A perfect alternative to Babbel Vietnamese.

Pimsleur Vietnamese

Anyone who's been learning languages sometime over the past few decades has heard of Pimsleur.

While there may not be a Babbel Vietnamese for quite a while, Pimsleur is an incredible alternative for learners who prefer to learn with audio (non-visual learners). The course is 100% audio and requires you to carefully listen and "recall" dialogue which is spaced out (Pimsleur's unique spaced-repetition system).

It's amazingly effective which is why it's still one of the premier language courses after so many decades.

Even if there was a Babbel Vietnamese, I'd still recommend Pimsleur in addition to it.

Pimsleur has become an online subscription course so you can access it online for a very low price (it used to be very expensive).

It's now around $15 a month.

italki (Vietnamese teachers and tutors)

Okay, so this isn't technically an app or course.

It's a platform to meet teachers and tutors, and arrange Zoom/Skype lessons.

There are some excellent Vietnamese teachers on there at really affordable rates and you can set your own schedule easily.

Not going to replace Babbel as an app or course, but definitely a great option for Vietnamese conversation practise.

There is no Babbel Vietnamese but better options exist

I hope these Babbel Vietnamese alternatives are helpful.

You can also take a look at my resources page for other personal recommendations of mine.