Bengali VS Bangla VS Bangladeshi VS Bengalese – What’s The Difference?

The language spoken in Bangladesh (and parts of North-Western India) is called: Bengali. Or Bangla? Or Bangladeshi? Or Bengalese? In fact, people use numerous names for both the nationality of people from Bangladesh but also the name of the language. So you might ask: What do each one mean and are they all correct? Bengali … Read more

Arabic VS Persian (AKA Farsi or Iranian) – Are They The Same Language?

People often ask if Arabic and Persian is the same language. Let me start by saying this: No. They aren’t. Many people think that Arabic and Persian (or Farsi) are the same language. There are probable three main reasons for this misconception: Both are written with the Arabic script, they’re spoken in the Middle East … Read more

Is Vietnamese Hard To Learn? (I’ve got to say.. YES)

The Vietnamese language is a language spoken by over 90 million people, almost all of whom learned the language to fluency while growing up. Not a lot of adults learn Vietnamese, though. It’s considered a difficult language by many, and the few who want to challenge themselves with an “exotic Asian language” mostly just opt … Read more

What Languages Are Spoken In Kyiv, Ukraine? (Other Than Ukrainian)

Kiev, or Kyiv, which is more correct, is the capital city of Ukraine. It’s located in the northern, central part of the country closest to the borders of Belarus, and it’s a city that regroups many of Ukraine’s different minority groups. Ukraine is known for being a multilingual country where both Russian and Ukrainian are … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Learn Turkish? (Language Learning From Scratch)

The Turkish language is spoken by close to 80 million people in the world, most of whom speak the language as their mother tongue. It’s a language of the Turkic language family, which means that it’s completely unrelated to English. It also means that the Turkish language might be a little more challenging to learn … Read more

Why Learn Thai? 7 Reasons Why It’s Worth Learning The Thai Language

The Thai language is the main language spoken in Thailand, a hugely popular tourist destination for many Americans and Europeans and even a popular place where people go to retire. When you speak with someone, you’re always better off addressing him or her in that person’s native language. It can be challenging learning Thai, though, … Read more

Filipino VS Tagalog – What’s The Difference? (Is It The Same Language?)

Tagalog and Filipino are two languages of the Philippines of the Austronesian language family. Or are they actually one and the same? That’s an often debated subject that people can’t seem to agree on. The reality is that the two languages are practically the same thing. The names are also used interchangeably by most Filipinos … Read more

Swedish VS German – How Similar Are They? (Which Language Is Harder?)

Swedish and German are two languages that both belong to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language tree. This means that they are related. It doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that they’re mutually intelligible. English, too, is a Germanic language after all. To be more precise, German is a West-Germanic language. So are English and Dutch, … Read more

What Languages Are Spoken In Kenya? (Close To 70)

Kenya is an East African country with some 48 million inhabitants. It’s the birthplace of the Swahili language and a very linguistically diverse country. According to some sources, close to 70 different languages are spoken in Kenya. The country has two official languages, Swahili, spoken by the majority, and English which Kenya inherited from the … Read more

Which Countries In Africa Speak Spanish? (Actually, Only Equatorial Guinea)

With 480 million native speakers, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world. The primary reason for this is of course Spain’s history as a colonial empire which spread the Spanish language to 19 countries in the Americas in the 15th-18th centuries. But what about Africa, you might ask? The African continent, … Read more