Should I Learn German Or Italian? (Why Not Both Languages!)

German and Italian are some of the most common languages that people want and try to learn, and if you’re a native English speaker, you’ll find that they’re actually languages that are somewhat similar to English which would make learning them easier! While Italian is a Romance language that originates from Latin, German is (as … Read more

Is French A Germanic Language? (Nope It’s Latin!)

French is a language spoken by close to 300 million people in over 29 countries around the world. It’s been influenced by many different foreign tongues and language families over the centuries, but the French language originally developed from Latin, or more precisely Vulgar Latin, the language spoken as an informal, everyday means of communication … Read more

Can Dutch People Understand German? (A Closer Look At The Two Languages)

Do Dutch people understand German? That’s actually a good question. Dutch and German are two Germanic languages that are relatively close linguistically. Like English, they both belong to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family, making them a sort of “linguistic cousins”. In addition to that, the Netherlands and Germany share a great deal … Read more

Mandarin Speaking Countries – Where Is The Chinese Language Spoken?

Mandarin is a Chinese language spoken by close to one billion people in the world and it’s the single most spoken first language in existence. (Even though it isn’t spoken by everyone in China.) It originally came from Northern China, but has since become the foundation for the “Standard Chinese” spoken in Beijing. Despite Mandarin … Read more

The Languages Of Manila – Which Languages Are Commonly Spoken In The Philippine Capital?

The Philippines is an archipelago located in Southeast Asia, counting a grand total of over 7000 islands. It has a population of over 100 million people who speak approximately 180 local languages. The country’s capital, Manila is known as a very popular tourist destination, commonly seen as a melting pot of cultures. People from all … Read more