353 Words And Phrases In Algerian Arabic (Or Dardja)

Of all the languages spoken in Algeria, Derja is the most common. It’s sometimes referred to as Algerian Arabic, and even among Algerians, many consider the language a dialect of Arabic. Yet, it is, in many ways, different from Arabic, and I, personally, think that Algerian should be considered a language apart. If you’re interested … Read more

Glossika Spanish Review: Learn Spanish With Sentences (And NO Grammar)

When it comes to apps, programs, courses and books for learning Spanish, there are plenty to choose from. I’ve tried a lot of language learning materials over the years, and although I never use just one tool exclusively, I must say that Glossika remains one of my favorites. Glossika offers both European Spanish and Mexican … Read more

Learn German Without Studying Grammar? My Glossika German Review

Glossika German Review

Glossika is a language learning program that teaches you German through what they call the “mass sentence” method. You simply listen to a phrase in English, then in German and you repeat. The Glossika system is really simple to use, even though the theories behind are quite complex! With Glossika German, you learn grammar, not … Read more

Stories For Learning Kabyle, A Berber / Amazigh Language. With Audio And English Translation.

Village in Kabylia

Kabyle is a dialect of the Amazigh, or Berber language of North Africa. Kabyle more specifically is the variant of Amazigh spoken in Kabylia, a mountainous, coastal region of Algeria. Some variants of the Amazigh language has been spoken in North Africa for at least 4-5000 years, and it has been a written language for … Read more

How to Pronounce the “stød” or Glottal Stop in Danish

How to pronounce danish stød

The “stød” is a feature in Danish pronunciation that many learners of Danish struggle to get right. It’s often characterized as what’s more generally called a “glottal stop” in linguistics. Some argue, however, that the stød is not exactly the same thing and that especially some dialects of Danish use the feature in a much … Read more

How to learn German through reading

Learn German by reading

When you set out learning the German language, you’ll start by focusing on beginner’s textbooks, pronunciation, grammar and basic dialogues. That’s the kind of thing you need to do in order to get started with learning German. But once you’ve finished the warm-up, you’ve got a marathon to run. But don’t worry, this is where … Read more

Easy Thai Stories with Audio for Beginners and Intermediate Students with English translations

Thai mini stories

In the following, you’ll find five short stories in Thai along with a corresponding English translation and the Thai audio recordings. These are a part of a series of “Mini Stores” designed for beginning language learners. I have translated and recorded my own version in Danish previously but this version I had made by the … Read more

How to learn the Arabic alphabet

How to learn the Arabic alphabet

If you’re learning Arabic, there’s no way around learning the Arabic alphabet. This seems intimidating to a lot of people, and in some cases it’s even the alphabet that stops people from even considering studying Arabic. That’s a shame, because learning the Arabic alphabet is quite easy! The Arabic alphabet isn’t a complex collection hundreds … Read more

How to learn Spanish by reading

Learn Spanish through reading

You came here because you’re learning Spanish. Good for you! I bet you’re already working on conversation, conjugation, speaking, listening, writing and reading. There are so many things to master to become fluent and it does take some time to learn Spanish! But how to take your Spanish to the next level, you might ask? … Read more