What Languages Are Spoken In Kenya? (Close To 70)

Kenya is an East African country with some 48 million inhabitants. It’s the birthplace of the Swahili language and a very linguistically diverse country. According to some sources, close to 70 different languages are spoken in Kenya. The country has two official languages, Swahili, spoken by the majority, and English which Kenya inherited from the … Read more

9 ways to stay motivated in learning a foreign language

Learning a new language takes a significant investment of time and perseverance. You’re not going to get very far in three months and after two years you might still feel like a beginner. Language learning is a marathon, not a sprint, and like long distance runners, you need to keep your blood sugar high enough … Read more

10 Language Learning Mistakes (That YOU Might Be Making)

Language learning mistakes

Who wouldn’t like to be fluent in another language? Learning Spanish or Mandarin Chinese has numerous benefits. Be it professionally, socially or personally. Many have a dream about speaking another language, and quite a few actually start taking courses or studying from home. But unfortunately, most of those who set out end up throwing in … Read more