Greek VS Italian – Similarities And Differences Of Two Mediterranean Languages

Greek and Italian are two languages spoken in Southern Europe in Mediterranean countries with ancient histories and world-famous cultures. Greece and Italy have a lot in common. They’re the two countries that laid the foundation for what we consider western civilization today and they have a historical bond dating back to antiquity. They’re the birthplaces … Read more

Greek VS Latin: Is Greek A Latin Based Language? (What Are The Differences?)

Greek and Latin are two of the most important languages in the history of ancient Europe and even some parts of Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa (to a somewhat lesser extent). Most people know that Greek and Latin have influenced most European languages English included – but some get confused about the relationship … Read more

Which Countries In The World Speak Greek? And How Many Greek Speakers Are There?

Where is Greek spoken?

The Greek language is an extremely important language in terms of world history, culture and philosophy. Most western languages today have Greek loan-words, especially for scientific terms, which attests to the significance of Greece and its culture and language throughout the ages. Greek is not, however, an international language like English, French, Arabic or other … Read more

Is Greek A Difficult Language To Learn? 6 Things You Need To Consider

Is the Greek language hard to learn?

The Greek language is the native tongue of over 13 million people in Greece (and Cyprus and Albania). It’s a language of the Hellenic language family, which is an independent branch of the Indo-European language family. This means that despite Greece’s and the Greek language’s importance in world history, the language isn’t closely related to … Read more