Is German Harder to Learn than French? Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation

Is French harder than German?

French and German are two of the most important European languages. One have the reputation of being the language of love. The other is said to sound hard and aggressive. But which one is easier to learn for an English speaker? German words and French words – which are easier to learn? The German language … Read more

How to learn German through reading

Learn German by reading

When you set out learning the German language, you’ll start by focusing on beginner’s textbooks, pronunciation, grammar and basic dialogues. That’s the kind of thing you need to do in order to get started with learning German. But once you’ve finished the warm-up, you’ve got a marathon to run. But don’t worry, this is where … Read more

How To Learn German In Six Months (All By Yourself)

How to learn German in few months

How do you learn german in a few months? So imagine that you just got a promotion. Great! A nice raise, a company car and you are relocating to Germany. Exciting! Your boss has finally given you a break! He believes in you and in your skills to oversee the German market! He believes that … Read more