How Long Does It Take To Learn Czech?

Czech is a Slavic language closely related to Slovak, but also to Polish and a little more distantly to languages such as Russian and Bulgarian. It’s spoken by around 10 million people, most of whom live in the Czech Republic, a Central European country with loads to offer in terms of travel, cuisine, and more. … Read more

What Languages Are Spoken In Prague? (Czech This Article For All Of Praha’s Languages)

Prague is the capital of the Czech Reupublic, also known as Czechia. Like in many countries, the capital city is just a slightly more international and diverse place than the rural areas. This means that a number of different languages are spoken in Praha, both from around the world, but also from the minority languages … Read more

Where In The World Is The Czech Language Spoken? How Many Countries Speak Czech?

Where in the world is Czech spoken?

The Czech language is a Slavic language related to such languages as Russian, Polish and Slovak. It’s spoken by around 12 million people in the world and the majority of these people live in the Czech Republic in Central Europe. But where else is Czech spoken in the world? According to a survey, Czech is … Read more

Is The Czech Language Hard To Learn For An English Speaking Self-Student?

Is Czech hard to learn?

Czech is the language of some 11 million people, mostly in the Czech republic. It’s a Western-Slavic language closely related to Polish and Slovak and it’s got the reputation of being a fairly difficult language. But how hard is the Czech language really to learn for an English speaker if you learn it by yourself? … Read more

How To Learn The Czech Language By Yourself (A Complete Guide From Beginner To Advanced)

How to learn Czech

The Czech language is the language of the Czech Republic in Central Europe. Around 10 million people speak Czech which is of the Western-Slavic language family, with it’s closest relatives being Polish and Slovak. Czech has the reputation of being a difficult language to learn. It might very well be so, but as it’s the … Read more