18 Algerian Love Phrases To Melt The Heart Of Your Date (Use With Caution)

Algerian love phrases

For some reason, you’re out there searching for “Algerian love phrases”. No need to explain – I suppose you have good and specific reasons for that. Google hasn’t been very forthcoming for those looking for that kind of thing up until now, but I’ve got your back, my friend. I’m in no way fluent in … Read more

How To learn Arabic By Yourself (Without Taking A Class)

How I learn Arabic

Arabic is a language family that is getting more and more important in the last few decades. Culturally and historically, it’s a language that has a great significance for the fields of literature, religion, history, philosophy and science history. The language in itself is a beautiful and strange creation and for all of these reasons, … Read more

Glossika review focusing on Moroccan Arabic

Glossika languages review

My review of Glossika: A language learning tool for the serious language learner For a long time I’ve wanted to review Glossika Glossika has been around for a few years. Its founder, Mike Campbell is an accomplished polyglot with a special interest in Asian languages and dialects (but many languages from around the world are … Read more

My review of “Codename: Butterfly” by Palestinian author Ahlam Bsharat in Arabic and English


The last couple of weeks, I’ve been working slowly through the book “Codename: Butterfly” by the Palestinian author Ahlam Bsharat. The book was originally suggested to me by @arablit on twitter and I got it in its original Arabic version as well as the more recent English translation from Neem Tree Press. Found these in … Read more

How I practice languages while helping refugees

In this article, I’d like to share my experience with meeting refugees and exchanging languages. As a result of my passion for foreign languages, I have a limited command of some of the tongues represented by my country’s new citizens, and this has provided me with the opportunity to practice these languages with native speakers. … Read more

Deciphering Handwritten Arabic: How To Read Arabic Written By Hand

Before we get started: Did you come here to learn how to read and write the Arabic alphabet in general? You’re in the wrong place! This article is about learning how to read Arabic handwriting. Read my article on learning the Arabic alphabet. How to read Arabic written by hand Handwritten Arabic is quite a … Read more