Is The Turkish Language A Form Of Arabic?

Turkey is a country that geographically borders both Europe and Asia. Culturally, most people consider Turkey a Middle-Eastern country, and there certainly is no doubt that Turkish culture has similarities with the culture of many of the other countries of the region, such as Arabic-speaking Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Jordan. Turkey does indeed have a … Read more

Arabic VS Persian (AKA Farsi or Iranian) – Are They The Same Language?

People often ask if Arabic and Persian is the same language. Let me start by saying this: No. They aren’t. Many people think that Arabic and Persian (or Farsi) are the same language. There are probable three main reasons for this misconception: Both are written with the Arabic script, they’re spoken in the Middle East … Read more

Arabic VS Hebrew – How Similar Are The Two Semitic Languages?

Arabic and Hebrew are two languages from the Semitic branch of the Afroasiatic language family. They’re the two most well-known languages in the Middle-East and they’re both the liturgical languages of two important world religions. (That’s Judaism and Islam, in case you’ve been living under a rock!) And finally, in a way, they were both … Read more

What Languages Are Spoken In Algeria? (Algerian Arabic, Berber, French And More!)

Algeria is a North African country with more than 42 million inhabitants who speak several different languages. Officially, Algerians speak Arabic and Berber, but in reality, the real linguistic landscape of Algeria is a little more complicated. While Modern Standard Arabic is the main official and national language of Algeria, it’s hardly spoken by anyone. … Read more

How Old Is The Arabic Language And Where Did It Come From? A Look At Three Historical Arabic Languages

How old is the Arabic language?

Modern Standard Arabic, or Fusha, is a modernized and slightly simplified version of Classical Arabic. Like most languages, Arabic has evolved and changed throughout the centuries. It’s a language that originates from the Arabic peninsula, where a lot of different dialects used to exist. With the birth of the Islamic religion, the Arabic language became … Read more

Is Arabic A Tonal Language? (Well.. No, But Here’s Why You Might Think So)

Is Arabic a tonal language?

I’ve been surprised to see a lot of people ask throughout the internet if Arabic is a tonal language. Arabic is not a tonal language. Tonal languages are characterized by utilizing tones or the pitch of the voice to differentiate between words. There are neutral tones, tones where the pitch goes down, up, down and … Read more

How to learn the Arabic alphabet

How to learn the Arabic alphabet

If you’re learning Arabic, there’s no way around learning the Arabic alphabet. This seems intimidating to a lot of people, and in some cases it’s even the alphabet that stops people from even considering studying Arabic. That’s a shame, because learning the Arabic alphabet is quite easy! The Arabic alphabet isn’t a complex collection hundreds … Read more