Is The Turkish Language A Form Of Arabic?

Turkey is a country that geographically borders both Europe and Asia. Culturally, most people consider Turkey a Middle-Eastern country, and there certainly is no doubt that Turkish culture has similarities with the culture of many of the other countries of the region, such as Arabic-speaking Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Jordan. Turkey does indeed have a … Read more

Arabic VS Persian (AKA Farsi or Iranian) – Are They The Same Language?

People often ask if Arabic and Persian is the same language. Let me start by saying this: No. They aren’t. Many people think that Arabic and Persian (or Farsi) are the same language. There are probable three main reasons for this misconception: Both are written with the Arabic script, they’re spoken in the Middle East … Read more

Arabic VS Hebrew – How Similar Are The Two Semitic Languages?

Arabic and Hebrew are two languages from the Semitic branch of the Afroasiatic language family. They’re the two most well-known languages in the Middle-East and they’re both the liturgical languages of two important world religions. (That’s Judaism and Islam, in case you’ve been living under a rock!) And finally, in a way, they were both … Read more

What Languages Are Spoken In Algeria? (Algerian Arabic, Berber, French And More!)

Algeria is a North African country with more than 42 million inhabitants who speak several different languages. Officially, Algerians speak Arabic and Berber, but in reality, the real linguistic landscape of Algeria is a little more complicated. While Modern Standard Arabic is the main official and national language of Algeria, it’s hardly spoken by anyone. … Read more

How Old Is The Arabic Language And Where Did It Come From? A Look At Three Historical Arabic Languages

How old is the Arabic language?

Modern Standard Arabic, or Fusha, is a modernized and slightly simplified version of Classical Arabic. Like most languages, Arabic has evolved and changed throughout the centuries. It’s a language that originates from the Arabic peninsula, where a lot of different dialects used to exist. With the birth of the Islamic religion, the Arabic language became … Read more

How to learn the Arabic alphabet

How to learn the Arabic alphabet

If you’re learning Arabic, there’s no way around learning the Arabic alphabet. This seems intimidating to a lot of people, and in some cases it’s even the alphabet that stops people from even considering studying Arabic. That’s a shame, because learning the Arabic alphabet is quite easy! The Arabic alphabet isn’t a complex collection hundreds … Read more