Is Polish hard to learn? Here’s Why It Isn’t (Although It Might Take A While)

Is Polish hard to learn?

Polish is a West-Slavic language spoken mostly in Poland, but Polish expatriates can be found all over the world. It’s the second most spoken Slavic language in the world after Russian, and one that many people are interested in learning. There are many reasons to learn Polish. Some do it because they have Polish heritage, … Read more

Is Danish hard to learn? – An honest look at the language.

Is learning Danish difficult

Danish is a Scandinavian language spoken by less than 6 million people in the world. Almost all of them live in Denmark and good part of them speak pretty good English. Yet, there’s a growing interest in the world for learning Danish! And while Danish won’t help you while traveling the world (other than Denmark) … Read more

How To Learn Russian By Yourself (From Beginner To Fluency)

How to learn Russian by yourself

Russian is one of the most important languages in the world. I know – it’s hard to objectively rank languages by importance. But in terms of historical, scientific, and political influence, Russian has been and remains to be a language that you just can’t ignore. Yet, it’s not a language that many people study. I … Read more

Why am I struggling to learn Spanish?

Struggling to learn Spanish

So you’re learning Spanish. You’ve been at it for a while. You’re probably working hard, you’re not lacking motivation, although you’re starting get frustrated. And maybe you even see other people advancing in Spanish while you feel stuck. Why does it seem impossible for you to learn Spanish? If you’re struggling with learning Spanish, the … Read more

How To Learn To Speak Thai By Yourself (From Beginner To Advanced)

How to learn Thai without going to Thailand

Thai is the language of about 65 million people. Most of them live in Thailand, but there are Thai expatriates all over the world. The Thai language opens the doors to a fascinating world with a rich culture, history, cuisine and above all: People. There are many good reasons to learn Thai, and once you … Read more

Is French hard to learn? (Here Are Some Things You Should Consider)

Is French hard to learn?

French is a language of over 70 million native speakers worldwide. Over 200 million people speak French as a second language. It’s a hugely important and influential language in today’s world. But is it hard to learn? French, like any language, demands a lot of effort. You need to put in the time, be consistent … Read more