Swedish VS Norwegian: How Close are the Two Scandinavian Languages?

The Scandinavian languages are known for being extremely close. With little effort, A Swede would understand both Danish and Norwegian. Some dialects are harder to understand, and some people might not have the same knack for understanding the fellow Scandinavians, but the languages do have a lot in common. How similar are Norwegian and Swedish … Read more

Greek VS Italian – Similarities And Differences Of Two Mediterranean Languages

Greek and Italian are two languages spoken in Southern Europe in Mediterranean countries with ancient histories and world-famous cultures. Greece and Italy have a lot in common. They’re the two countries that laid the foundation for what we consider western civilization today and they have a historical bond dating back to antiquity. They’re the birthplaces … Read more

Danish VS German – How Do The Two Languages Compare?

Danish and German are two Germanic languages of Northern Europe and their shared ancestry shines through in many different ways, even though they do have important differences as well. Other languages in the same category include Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, and English. While Danish is very close to Swedish and Norwegian, German is much closer to … Read more

German VS Polish – How Different Are The Two Languages?

Polish and German are two Central European languages spoken by very big populations in Poland and Germany. (But German is also spoken in countries like Austria, Switzerland, and other countries). German is – as the name suggests – a Germanic language. Okay, you might have figured out as much, but what you might not know … Read more

Is Italian Easier To Learn Than French? – A Few Reasons Why It Might Be

French and Italian are two related languages belonging to the Romance branch of Indo-European languages. They’re both known for their rich history and culture, their magnificent cuisine, and for being beautiful, elegant languages. If you were to learn one of them, however, which one would be easier? Italian is simpler for an English speaker in … Read more

Is Hungarian A Slavic Language? (No, And Here’s Why)

The Hungarian language is a very special European language. It’s spoken almost exclusively in Hungary by some 13 million people and its closest European relative, Finnish Estonian are quite distant both geographically and linguistically. Hungary is located in Central Europe. It borders no less than 7 different countries who speak 7 different languages from both … Read more

Should I Learn German Or Italian? (Why Not Both Languages!)

German and Italian are some of the most common languages that people want and try to learn, and if you’re a native English speaker, you’ll find that they’re actually languages that are somewhat similar to English which would make learning them easier! While Italian is a Romance language that originates from Latin, German is (as … Read more