Learn German Without Studying Grammar? My Glossika German Review

Glossika German Review

Glossika is a language learning program that teaches you German through what they call the “mass sentence” method. You simply listen to a phrase in English, then in German and you repeat. The Glossika system is really simple to use, even though the theories behind are quite complex! With Glossika German, you learn grammar, not … Read more

How To Learn The Indonesian Language Bahasa By Yourself

How to learn Indonesian

The Indonesian language, or Bahasa is a standardized version of Malay. It’s been the official language of Indonesia since 1945 when Indonesia declared its independence from the Netherlands. When you speak the Indonesian language, you have the advantage of being able to communicate with towards 40 million Indonesians who speak it as their mother tongue. … Read more

How To Learn French By Reading (French Learning For Bookworms)

How to learn French through reading books?

Reading is important in all stages of learning French When you study French on your own, you should approach the French language with several different methods at once. Don’t just study your French beginners course and wait until you’ve finished it to move on to reading, listening and so on. Do them all at once … Read more

My Assimil French Review and how to study with Assimil

Assimil French with ease

In this Assimil French review, I am going to go talk about the one language learning method that seriously got me started with learning French over a decade back. When you’re a beginner in a new language, or more importantly: a beginner in learning languages in general, it’s extremely important that the approach you start … Read more

Glossika review focusing on Moroccan Arabic

Glossika languages review

My review of Glossika: A language learning tool for the serious language learner For a long time I’ve wanted to review Glossika Glossika has been around for a few years. Its founder, Mike Campbell is an accomplished polyglot with a special interest in Asian languages and dialects (but many languages from around the world are … Read more

My review of “Codename: Butterfly” by Palestinian author Ahlam Bsharat in Arabic and English


The last couple of weeks, I’ve been working slowly through the book “Codename: Butterfly” by the Palestinian author Ahlam Bsharat. The book was originally suggested to me by @arablit on twitter and I got it in its original Arabic version as well as the more recent English translation from Neem Tree Press. Found these in … Read more

Book review ”Success with Languages” by Stella Hurd

The last couple of weeks I have been reading the book “Success with Languages” by Stella Hurd during my bus-rides and lunch-breaks. The previous two book reviews that I did, ”How to learn any language” by Barry Farber and ”Polyglot: How I learn languages” by Katò Lomb, have both been of books that deal with … Read more

Review of “How to learn any language” by Barry Farber

The last week or two, I’ve spent my morning bus rides on reading “How to learn any language” by Barry Farber, a book, originally published in 1991 which has become quite a classic recommended to people wanting to take up a new language. Why Barry Farber learns languages Farber dedicates the first part of the … Read more

Book review of “Polyglot: How I learn languages” by Kató Lomb

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reading this book while riding the bus, and I’d like to share my opinion of it with you. The book was originally written in 1970, by the Hungarian polyglot Kató Lomb, but the author has edited it several times up until 1995, making it more up to date … Read more

Attack From Multiple Fronts To Learn Languages (And Vary Your Approach)

One of the biggest mistakes that I’ve made in studying languages, is to focus too much on just one study method. It’s tempting to put all your efforts into one activity, especially when your “new approach” seems to be working! So why then, does it seem to be working well in the beginning, and not … Read more