How To Learn Danish (A Beginner’s Guide To Learning Danish By Yourself)

Danish Flag

Danish: A Scandinavian language spoken by some 5,5 million people in the Northern European country, Denmark. Most people wouldn’t pick Danish first when setting out picking up a new language. But Danish has it’s charm. It’s related to English and has many similarities, yet strangely different in the way it’s spoken. In this article, I’ll … Read more

How To learn Arabic By Yourself (Without Taking A Class)

How I learn Arabic

Arabic is a language family that is getting more and more important in the last few decades. Culturally and historically, it’s a language that has a great significance for the fields of literature, religion, history, philosophy and science history. The language in itself is a beautiful and strange creation and for all of these reasons, … Read more

My Assimil French Review and how to study with Assimil

Assimil French with ease

In this Assimil French review, I am going to go talk about the one language learning method that seriously got me started with learning French over a decade back. When you’re a beginner in a new language, or more importantly: a beginner in learning languages in general, it’s extremely important that the approach you start … Read more

Glossika review focusing on Moroccan Arabic

Glossika languages review

My review of Glossika: A language learning tool for the serious language learner For a long time I’ve wanted to review Glossika Glossika has been around for a few years. Its founder, Mike Campbell is an accomplished polyglot with a special interest in Asian languages and dialects (but many languages from around the world are … Read more

My review of “Codename: Butterfly” by Palestinian author Ahlam Bsharat in Arabic and English


The last couple of weeks, I’ve been working slowly through the book “Codename: Butterfly” by the Palestinian author Ahlam Bsharat. The book was originally suggested to me by @arablit on twitter and I got it in its original Arabic version as well as the more recent English translation from Neem Tree Press. Found these in … Read more

What Is Language Learning Immersion? (And Why Can’t I Make It Work?)

Language learning immersion by throwing yourself into it

The myth of language learning immersion If you’ve ever studied a foreign language, you might have come upon the concept of immersion. People often think that you should submerge yourself completely in a target-language environment to “learn from osmosis”. There are many different versions of this. Most often you’ll hear that you should go live … Read more

How To Remember Words (Revelation VS Discovery In Language Learning)

How to remember words

In language learning, there are two basic ways that you can learn a new piece of information. This applies whether you need to remember words, a grammar point or something related to the culture. You can either reveal the answer, or you can discover it. It’s simpler than it sounds – revealing an answer is … Read more

Book review ”Success with Languages” by Stella Hurd

The last couple of weeks I have been reading the book “Success with Languages” by Stella Hurd during my bus-rides and lunch-breaks. The previous two book reviews that I did, ”How to learn any language” by Barry Farber and ”Polyglot: How I learn languages” by Katò Lomb, have both been of books that deal with … Read more

LingQ – Un avis sur un outil pour lire en langues étrangères

LingQ : Mon outil préféré de lecture pour l’apprentissage des langues en ligne Lisez cet article en anglais Depuis que j’ai découvert LingQ, leur méthode a été parmi mes outils préférés pour étudier les langues étrangères. Je suis convaincu de l’importance de la méthode réceptive dans tous les niveaux d’apprentissage des langues. Vous devez lire et … Read more

LingQ Review – Learn Languages By Reading (And With No Grammar!)

Since I originally discovered LingQ several years ago, It has been one of my primary tools when studying foreign languages. It’s not the first app that comes to people’s mind when they think about language learning tools, however. That’s a shame, so I have decided to put this LingQ review together, in order to share … Read more